DVDPlayer in Sample App throws exception

Feb 5, 2010 at 6:54 PM

I am trying to play a DVD using the Sample application.  the window loads, but DVD does not play.  After stepping through the code, it seems the following is not returning a value for dvdSubPicturePinOut:

                /* These are the subtypes most likely to be our dvd subpicture */
                var preferedSubpictureTypes = new[]{MediaSubType.ARGB4444,
                IPin dvdSubPicturePinOut = null;

                /* Find what should be the subpicture pin out */
                foreach (var guidType in preferedSubpictureTypes)
                    dvdSubPicturePinOut = FindPinInGraphByMediaType(guidType, /* GUID of the media type being searched for */
                                                                    m_graph); /* Our current graph */
                    if (dvdSubPicturePinOut != null)

                if (dvdSubPicturePinOut == null)
                    throw new Exception("Could not find the sub picture pin out");

Has anyone else seen this?  Right now, I am using VS2008 on XP with ffdshow and Cyberlink codecs installed.  I also tried to run the sample app on a Windows 7 machine with the same results.  Thanks in advance.