Webcam Pro 9000 + Intel Graphics Cards + WPFMedia Kit

Jan 28, 2012 at 12:13 AM

Hi All,


we have a photo kiosk application written with


- Microsoft WPF

- WPFMedia Kit (which utilizes DirectShow)

- Logitech Webcams

- computer with nVidia Graphics cards

- Windows 7


Everything was working fine with the old Quickview 9000 webcam and even the new Webcam 9000 model.  Then we switched to a PC with an Intel graphics card.  Now the problem we have is


- Older Quickcam 9000 camera still works fine

- Newer Webcam 9000 camera no longer works


So does anyone know of why the combination of Webcam Pro 9000 + Intel Graphics Cards + WPFMedia Kit would cause problems.  Here are some more details.

The live preview on screen is fine, its when we try and grab a frame and save it to disk the issue occurs.

DirectShow raises an event called ISampleGrabberCB.SampleCB, giving the software access to the frame to save to disk. This event is no longer being raised with the new hardware configuration. No error is being produced. The rest of the graph, such as the preview display, is functioning as normal. 


Source Code

Setting up the graph for DirectShow:

VideoCapturePlayer.cs::smileyfrustrated:etupGraph -


Interface that fails to fire:

VideoCapturePlayer.cs::ISampleGrabberCB.SampleCB -


Right now our only solution is to find another small form factor PC that uses a nVidia graphics card, but who knows when this problem will raise its head again.


Anyone come across anything similar?