Win8 Tablet change Webcam Size


Im using the Window 8.0 Pro Dell Latitude 10-ST2 Tablet. For programming i use C# WPF and the WPFMediaKit (its a Desktop app.)

My problem is that i only get a Video Size of 640,480 from the 2(Front/Rear) Cameras and cant change it. When im Using a USB CAM(Trust 14830) on the Tablet I can change it 640,480 or 1280,720. With the win8 Metro Cam app i can change the Video size.

So anyone know why its not working or knows a other way too Change the Size?

``` This is my VideoCaptureElement in XAML
<WPFMediaKit:VideoCaptureElement Stretch="Uniform" Grid.Row="1"
DesiredPixelWidth="1280" DesiredPixelHeight="1024" LoadedBehavior="Play" EnableSampleGrabbing="True" VerticalAlignment="Top"  
FPS="30" Width="Auto" Height="Auto" x:Name="videoCapElement" >
Where i load them in C#
_VideoDevices = MultimediaUtil.VideoInputDevices;
            foreach (DsDevice div in _VideoDevices)

            if (_VideoDevices.Length > 0 && _VideoDevices[0] != null)

                videoCapElement.VideoCaptureDevice = _VideoDevices[0];
                videoCapElement.VideoCaptureSource = _VideoDevices[0].Name;


rafbart15 wrote Jan 15, 2014 at 10:07 AM

i have this problem too. Did you find any solution?

wrote Jan 15, 2014 at 10:08 AM