CPU utilization when using VMR9 custom allocator-presenter

Aug 11, 2009 at 7:49 AM

Hi all,

  Using WPF MediaKit, I have written a small application,

which plays video(using DxVA) and over this, it displays

some text and button.I am using "VMR9 Custom allocator -

presenter". I am using GeForce 9600 GT graphics card.


case 1: when I give "AMRenderExFlags" as "0" to

     "filterGraph.RenderEx()" and "VMR9SurfaceAllocationFlags"

     as "DXVATarget" to "m_allocatorNotify.AllocateSurfaceHelper()".

     The output is 2 windows, one with the video and the other

     with text and button. Here CPU utilization is low(10-20%)

     for HD video.


Case 2: But when I give AMRenderExFlags as RenderToExistingRenderers

     to filterGraph.RenderEx() and VMR9SurfaceAllocationFlags as

     TextureSurface to m_allocatorNotify.AllocateSurfaceHelper(),

     the output is in one window(video, text and button). The CPU

     utilization is very high(50-60%) for the same HD video.


I have the following queries:

1. Is it possible to reduce the CPU utlization.

2. If yes, How can I reduce this CPU utilization.

3. When I run the same application on Atom processor(Intel coperation

   US15 Graphics chipset), the video in case 2 is not playing.

 Any inputs is greatly appreciated.


 Thanking you,


Aug 11, 2009 at 8:03 AM
I would use graphedit to connect to the remote graph and look at the differences between the two.  I suspect some extra filters might be added in the case of the high CPU usage.