When MediaOpened will be triggered

Apr 5, 2013 at 7:18 AM

I don't know when MediaOpened callback in MediaUriElement will be triggered. As far as I know the callback should be triggered after I set the Source property, right ? Do I understand correctly?

My problem is I'm creating a custom video player by using MediaUriElement. I have my own method call LoadVideo (this method will do load video from a http server, then save the loaded video to a local path, then set the path to the Source property).
I would like to make sure this load video to MediaUriElement successfully. How do I know that ?

I very confuse, sometime MediaOpened will be triggered but sometimes not. Sometimes I have to hack it by call Play/Pause method, then the callback will be triggered

Could you please help me ? I stuck here almost 1 month. Thanks.