MediaKit MediaUriElement .mov .mp4

Oct 31, 2012 at 9:17 PM

We use the mediakit for capture sources works awesome!  We have recently found that the native mediaelement in wpf has a memory leak and can cause it to black out after a while.  So we switched over to MediauriElement out of the mediakit.  It plays .wmv but .mov and .mp4 it just doesn't play any ideas to why this is happening.  When I break on the load it has these properties


{WPFMediaKit.DirectShow.Controls.MediaUriElement}    base {WPFMediaKit.DirectShow.Controls.MediaSeekingElement}: {WPFMediaKit.DirectShow.Controls.MediaUriElement}    AudioRenderer: "Default DirectSound Device"    Loop: false    MediaUriPlayer: {WPFMediaKit.DirectShow.MediaPlayers.MediaUriPlayer}    Source: {file:///C:/MediaStation/Player/Library/}    VideoRenderer: VideoMixingRenderer9


but mediaduration is 0 if i switch it back to the mediaelement it picks ups the naturalduration and can play the video any help would be greatly appreciated!