WPFMediaKIT TV Tuner integration and Channel scanning

Dec 20, 2011 at 9:19 AM

Hi All,

First of all would like to say WPFMediakit is really wonderfull tool for any kind of video integration.

Let me give some background we are trying to integrate TV Tuner card along with WPFMediakit. We are using External USB TV tuner box (GADMEI UTV302E)/

Objective of our project is as below.

1: We have WPF Form on which we have placed <Controls:VideoCaptureElement on this form

2: User should be able to Scan TV Tuner channels and save frequencies found

3: User should be able to change the channels from list of saved channels at point 2.

4: User should be able to control the volume

Our application is able to detect attached TV tuner card as "USB TV Device".


Problems we are facing


1: We are not sure how do we scan frequency for above attached USB TV device.

2: We are not sure how to set specific frequency for VideoCaptureElement so that it tunes to that.

3: We are not able to get sound of channel that is currently set.


If somebody can provide us some sample code and pointers towards solving above listed problem it would be really great help. Request you all to help as this project is on critical path and its very urgent.