Play multiple Audio Streams

Nov 20, 2011 at 11:58 AM

I am attempting to play multiple Video and Audio streams simultaneously.

I am using the MediaUriPlayer and am modifying the AudioRenderer using a device selected from a list of DsDevices.

Any time I changed the Source of the Player, the audio portion would revert back to the Default Audio.
To remedy, I reset the AudioRenderer whenever the Source is changed.
This seemed to worked very well but I was missing something.

Now to my real problem: 

I get sound from only one audio stream at a time when NOT directing the audio output to the defaut audio device.

Here is a scenerio:

I've selected my headset from the list of DSDevices.
My speakers are set as the Default Audio Device.
I am playing two .WMV files and two .MP3 files at the same time.
I hear only one audio stream through the headset. 
When the stream playing finishes, I can hear the second  stream.

But if I change the Default Audio Device to my headset (and select the headset from the list of DSDevices), I hear all of the sources at the same time.

I've struggled with this a bit and wonder if anyone has handled this situation.
I'm afraid that I'm missing something obvious.

I have not studied the source, but can see that if in many places, the AudioRenderer is reset to the Default Audio Device.
Can someone that might be more familiar with this code point me to where I can make the modifications to handle my problem?

Thank You All