Video playback in Windows XP

Sep 21, 2011 at 10:06 PM


I've got a problem with video playback of MediaUriElement under Windows XP SP3. There's no video at all. Tried WMV and MPEG files in the SampleApplication.

I also noticed, that when I open video file, audio stream of that opened video is playing normally. Also the track-bar is moving accordingly to video.
Tried to download source code for MediaKit and debug it on WinXP SP3 machine and there's no exception. In the Debug->Exceptions ticked everything, nothing happens. Also Immediate and Output window has nothing to say.

On the other hand I read about folks who successfully used MediaKit on WinXP so I gues, the problem is on my side (maybe not) but I really don't know where/what/why :-(

Some details:
- On my Win XP machine is already installed latest DirectX
- In my application I use VideoRenderer="VideoMixingRenderer9"
- Audio is playing fine on mp3/wma and also on video files

Any additional codecs? Libraries? If you could point me to right path, I will be very pleased!