CPU Usage of EvrPresenter is similar to VMR9

Mar 15, 2011 at 9:04 AM


i made a player with evrpresenter using WPF MediaKit.

the player is working, but cpu usage is very high.

i expect low cpu usage but it is similar to cpu usage of vmr9.

i cant know why.

and i downloaded evr player sample made C++ from msdn, build and run.

the result is same.

CPU usage of c++ sample is 30~40%, too.

but when i use winform and EnhancedVideoRenderer filter, it's cpu usage is below 10%.

it means that it isn't related to how to render in WPF.

when evr presenter is working, dxva seems not to work.

i can't find evr presenter sample whis has low cpu usage.

Although using EVR Presenter, why is cpu usage not changed?