IIS Smooth Streaming

Apr 6, 2010 at 5:54 AM


Essentially I wish to be able to create a webcam video application using WPF, but I would like to use or be supported on things already made.

The Goal is to have a computer with a webcam, and be able to stream the video captured from that computer (using a WPF application) to a web server to be finally reproduced on a web page (using Silverlight).

I came up with the Expression Studio and was playing with the Encoder, which happens to be a WPF application, and this application uses some new features of IIS to feed Video, what I get from using this, is that IIS allows in some way to publish streams to it, but I have no idea how. Is it possible to "replace" or reprodce the functionality of the encoder in this portion? or I am asking too much?


Apr 6, 2010 at 6:05 AM
Though Expression Studio is a WPF application, it does not render the video in WPF.  IIRC, they use a Win32 control.  They just do a good job at hiding it :).  Expression Encoder also does not support encoding a live webcam via smooth streaming.  It only supports streaming to a Windows Media Service server or hosting the stream locally on a tcp port.  In Expression Encoder, smooth streaming is only supported with pre-recorded clips.

That being said, with a little DirectShow, you can accomplish the same functionality as Expression Encoder (stream to WMS/host on tcp).  I'd suggest looking at the ASF Writer Filter.  If you are using .NET, you can use the defined interfaces in the Windows Media Format .NET interop library as  not all the interfaces needed to configure the ASF Writer Filter are included in DShow.NET.